AARE Joint STEM & Motivation and Learning SIGs Feature Panel: Collaborative Webinar

Thu, Oct. 12, 2023 16:00:00 — 17:30:00 AEST

Motivation and STEM Research:
A collaborative webinar discussing the enhancement of motivation in STEM and STEM education

When: Thursday, 12th October at 4-5.30pm (AEDT)
Where: Via Zoom

There is concern in Australia and internationally about shortages in STEM fields which contribute significantly to economic growth, and are seen as fundamental to many of the fastest growing occupations. Stagnant or declining participation in STEM has been of concern for some decades, for which a range of measures and solutions have been proposed. Motivation researchers have investigated how young people’s beliefs about their abilities or talents, the value they attach to particular domains, and costs such as anxiety combine to predict their choices towards or away from pathways in mathematics and sciences. STEM education researchers have focused on supporting teachers to design integrated curricula to improve attitudes and engagement that underpin STEM careers. This collaborative webinar brings together experts in motivation and STEM education research to consider implications for enhancing students’ motivation in STEM and addressing STEM engagement and participation.

For more information about the webinar click here.


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