Betty Watts Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Award

Previous awardees


Dr Mitchell Rom, The University of Queensland

Just play the game”: Some of the key learning and teaching challenges situated in Indigenous education at University


Dr Melitta Hogarth Unversity of Melbourne

Education is everybody’s business or is it?: An analysis of education academics’ attitudes and preconceptions about Indigenous content


Dr Gary Fry Charles Darwin University

Indigenous leadership in changing times and changing organisations: The centrality of Indigenous leadership in advancing schooling outcomes in Northern Territory (NT) remote schools


NIkki Moodie University of Melbourne

Operationalising Threshold Concepts in Indigenous Education Studies


Anthony McKnight University of Wollongong

Meeting Country and self to initiate an embodiment of knowledge: Embedding a process for Aboriginal perspectives


Robyn Heckenberg Federation University

Cultural interfaces: Cultural mapping and learning in place: Sustainable Value


Professor Tracey Bunda Flinders University

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Teachers - Tellin’ the stories of teachers: Tellin’ the stories of teaching’ (Co-authored with Jackie Wurm)


Dr Gawaian Bodkin-Andrews University of Western Sydney

Looking Past Positivity for Indigenous Australian Students: A preliminary investigation of racial discrimination and the illusion of resiliency in academia’ (co-authored with Nida Denson and Rhonda Craven)


Dr Sue Whatman Queensland University of Technology

Wis Wei Youpla Health – The methodology and research protocols behind an investigation into community participation in health education decision making for Torres Strait Islander girls


Professor Jeannie Herbert James Cook University

Owning the Discourse: Seizing the Power!

Professor Rhonda Craven University of Western Sydney

Turning points in Indigenous Education: New findings that can really make a difference and implications for the next generation of Indigenous Education research


Dr Nola Purdie Queensland University of Technology

Self-identity and positive outcomes of schooling for Indigenous Australian students


Mr Glenn Auld University of Ballarat

Why should I present a thesis on Computer Assisted Ndjébbana on DVD

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