Special Interest Groups

A Special interest Group (SIG) is a group of 15 or more AARE members with shared research interests. SIGs support networking with fellow researchers and are a benefit of their membership with AARE. SIGs undertake a diverse range of activities including organising events, discussion groups, research training, convening symposia, contributions to AARE news and the Australian Educational Researcher, etc. AARE members volunteer as SIG Convenors. The SIGs Co-ordinator oversees all the SIGs and is an elected member on the AARE Executive.

SIGs are led by a team of Convenors who are responsible for organising the group’s activities and delegate responsibilities. All members of SIGs must be current financial members of AARE. Non-AARE members are strongly encouraged to join the Association to help support the infrastructure provided to SIGs by AARE.

SIG Policies & Guidelines

Refer to other Association Policies here.

Special Interest Group Convenor/s
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Research Antoinette Cole, Amy Thomson, Sara Weuffen
Arts Education Practice Research Carol Carter, Lisa Paris
Assessment and Measurement Gulay Erin Dalgic, Samantha Low-Choy, Ameena Payne
Children and student voice across all sectors Melinda Kirk, Heather Manning, Clara Rivera
Cultural Historical and Activity Theory John Cripps Clark, Samran Daneshfar, Hongzhi Yang, Suxiang Yu
Culturally and Linguistically Diverse education Rachel Burke, Bonita Cabiles, Tebeje Molla
Early Childhood Somayeh Ba Akhlagh , Fiona Boylan, Olivia Karaolis, Jennifer Stevens-Ballenger
Educational Leadership Michelle Striepe, Pauline Thompson
Educational Philosophy and Theory Robert Stevens, Maurizio Toscano
Environmental and Sustainability Education Amy Cutter-Mackenzie-Knowles, David Rousell, Thilinika Wijesinghe
Gender, Sexualities & Cultural Studies Michelle Jeffries, Lizzie Maughan, And Pasley, Barrie Shannon
Global Contexts for Education Rhonda Di Biase, Pashew Nuri, Rebecca Spratt
Health and Physical Education Jacqui Peters, Dylan Scanlon, Carla Valerio
History and Education Alison Bedford, Robert Parkes
Inclusive Education Amy Claughton, Sofia Mavropoulou
Language and Literacy Vicky Chang, Kate Halcrow, Yang Liu, Shu Ohki, Jemima Rillera Kempster
Motivation and Learning Natalia Rajendran, Anne Suryani
Politics and Policy in Education Elisa Di Gregorio, Anna Hogan, Marcia McKenzie
Poststructural Theory Tanjin Ashraf, Benjamin Zonca
Professional and Higher Education Elizabeth (Lizzie) Knight, Jing Qi, David van Reyk
Qualitative Research Methodologies Sheena Elwick, Keith Heggart
Rural Education Hernan Cuervo, Jennifer Dove, Karl Maton
Schools and Education Systems Zid Mancenido, Melissa Tham
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Shukla Sikder, Emma Stevenson
Social Justice Aaron Teo
Sociology of Education Yating Hu, Sarah McDonald, Nerida Spina, Joel Windle
Teacher Education and Research Innovation David Clements, Melissah Thomas, Sijing (Fiona) Zhou
Teachers' Work and Lives Steven Kolber , Ellen Larsen, Bronwyn Reid O'Connor
Technology and Learning Elham (Ellie) Manzari , Natalie McMaster, Ellie Meissner