Social Justice SIG Invited Expert Seminar Series: Session Three (Social justice and doing diversity differently)

Aug. 2 — 20, 2024 10:00:00 — 11:00:00 AEST

The Social Justice SIG is pleased to announce the launch of its upcoming Social Justice Seminar Series, designed to provide international, interdisciplinary, and intersectional insight on addressing inequities, advocating for marginalized communities, and promoting inclusive practices within the context of education. We invite you to join us in this timely discussion from key experts in the field. 

Session 3 - Professor Gregory Noble (Professor at the Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University)


Doing diversity differently: multicultural education for a culturally complex world 

Institute for Culture and Society, Western Sydney University 

What’s the point of (multicultural) education? Multicultural education policies and programs have provided a set of practices which frame how Australian schools respond to cultural diversity. Yet, despite its benefits, multicultural education as it is currently practised in schools doesn’t always adequately address the challenges of the complex world in which we live. This is partly because of the competing ‘logics’ which pull teachers’ practices in divergent ways (cultural maintenance v equity) and partly because multiculturalism is governed by perceptions of cultural difference shaped by assumptions about distinct and unchanging ethnic communities. Drawing on case studies from the Rethinking Multiculturalism/ Reassessing Multicultural Education (RMRME) Project, this presentation examines the ways target schools developed projects which addressed issues in their school communities. It suggests that the ‘professional vision’ embedded in multicultural education fosters an ethos of respect and celebration which ironically promotes an unreflexive civility at the expense of the intellectual interrogation of cultural complexity. Returning to the opening question, this presentation argues for the development of a critical cultural intelligence which develops teachers’ and students’ intellectual capacities for negotiating the social relations and cultural complexities of a globalised world.

  • Focus: Social justice and doing diversity differently
  • Fri 2 August 2024, 10am to 11am AEST
  • Online via Zoom (REGISTER HERE)

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