History and Education


This SIG aims to develop a vibrant and supportive community of scholarsworking in the fields of History Education and Historyof Education. The SIG will provide opportunities to advance innovative and robust research in the history of education and history education, foster national and international networks among scholars and thebuilding of cross-institutional research partnerships, and actively mentor early career researchers and doctoral students working in history and education.

This SIG encompasses researchers working in two related but distinct areas of scholarship and teaching: history education and curriculum in schools, and historical studies of education, including history of curriculum, and the philosophy and history of ideas in education. Rich opportunities exist to further build research strengths in this area and to foster methodological and conceptual innovation in both history education and historical studies of education.

Research interests:

  • Histories of education – across all sectors, formal and informal
  • Transnational and comparative histories of education
  • Curriculum history and the curriculum of history
  • Public pedagogy and history
  • Historical thinking
  • Oral and life history in education
  • Temporality, place and material cultures
  • Emotions and memory
  • Post colonial and decolonizing histories of education
  • Feminist and gender history and education
  • Historiographical debates – methods and concepts