Professional and Higher Education


The Professional and Higher Education (PHE) SIG provides a forum for researchers to build critical mass and strategic focus in the areas of higher, professional and vocational education, and workplace and organizational learning. It supports theoretical and methodological discussions across these diverse sites in order to explore big questions facing post-secondary education, enabling members to develop research agendas in relation to student equity, globalization, knowledge, technology, policy and other areas. A key aim of the SIG is to generate new perspectives and widen theoretical and methodological frames for education research in higher, professional and vocational education, and workplace and professional learning, particularly by examining shared problems for these sectors and the relationships between them.

Research interests:

  • Post-secondary education
  • Critical university studies
  • Academic work and profession
  • Globalization in higher education
  • Access to higher education and student equity
  • Workplace and professional learning
  • Doctoral and research education
  • Academic identities