Qualitative Research Methodologies


This is to provide a broader space to discuss, explore ideas and debate qualitative methodological issues (such as ethics and research designs) in social and educational contexts. This change endeavours to address the wider spectrum of methodologies that are emerging and merging with others. The SIG welcomes exploration of all qualitative methodologies, including (but not limited to) action research, arts-based research, autoethnography, biographical research, case studies, decolonising methodologies, discourse analysis, ethnodrama, ethnography, ethnomethodology, grounded theory, hermeneutics, narrative research, phenomenology, phenomenography, performance ethnography and practitioner research. Qualitative Research Methodologies SIG aims to:

  • Provide a space for researchers to explore and problematise methodological issues
  • Generate new ideas about qualitative research methodology in education
  • Build a community of critical enquiry about qualitative research methods and methodologies
  • Support experimentation with qualitative research methodologies and provide a mentoring network between new and experienced members.

Research interests:

  • Research ethics;
  • qualitative methods, methodologies and designs; and
  • researcher ontologies.

Decentring the Human in Qualitative Research Methodologies Seminar Series