Teacher Education and Research Innovation


Teacher Education Research and Innovation [TERI] purpose is to support scholarly work in the field of teacher education research within the broader context of educational research in Australia. Researchers from a wide range of theoretical traditions are welcome. Further, TERI aims to raise the profile of teacher education research within the wider research community in education. Researchers in education typically are teacher educators, many of whom research in teacher education. We aim to provide a program of individual papers and symposia at AARE conferences, offer tailored symposiums annually, as well as maintain an email discussion list for communication with SIG members.

Research interests:

This SIG will provide a specific forum, within the wider community of educational research in Australia, for scholarship in teacher education, across a broad range of themes and specialist studies, including but not limited to:

  • pedagogy in teacher education;
  • professional learning;
  • pre-service teacher education;
  • policy analysis;
  • in-service teacher education;
  • program development;
  • research methodology in teacher education; and
  • program effectiveness.