Technology and Learning


This SIG is open to anyone involved or interested in researching technology and learning. We welcome researchers who use qualitative, quantitative and mixed methods in both small and large-scale technology and learning focused studies.

Our aim is to grow a vibrant community where members can connect and interact with fellow researchers to exchange ideas, knowledge and form research partnerships and have fun in the process.

Research interests:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) in education
  • Apps to support learning
  • Assistive technologies in education
  • Course design utilising technology
  • Digital identity and inclusion
  • Digital literacy - cyber safety, cyber ethics, cyber security, digital footprint
  • Digital portfolios and assessment
  • Emerging learning technologies
  • Engagement, confidence and competence in using technologies
  • Esports in education
  • Equity issues with technology and learning
  • Immersive learning – 360 video, Augmented reality (AR), Mixed reality (MR) and Virtual reality (VR)
  • Learning analytics
  • Learning management systems in education
  • Networking and collaboration technologies in education
  • Online learning
  • Physical, social and mental wellbeing linked to technology and learning
  • Simulations in education
  • Social media in education
  • Teaching computational thinking
  • Technology education models and frameworks – TPACK, SAMR, RAT
  • Technology and learning in educator development
  • Technology and learning in K-12 education and schools
  • Technology and learning in preservice teacher education
  • Technology integration in education
  • Technology pedagogies – blended learning, digital pedagogy, gamification, game-based learning
  • Transforming the educational practice - formative analytics, learning with robots, learning with drones
  • Video games in education